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    IoT or internet of things is one of the most technically advanced phenomenon of the recent years. This technology is making vibe even in the countries which are not as technically advanced as the developed countries. This is an interrelated computing devices system. It is the combination of mechanical and digital machines.

    Through this system, people are able to connect all their household devices and other mechanical devices. This is all made possible due to the different IT companies including the mobile apps development company in London which are creating different apps that can control different machines and devices.

    However, I am still in search of complete IoT solutions for my business and home. I am in search of an IoT system which can work as a person with the heart of monitor implant. A farm animal with a biochip transponder, a car or automobile that is equipped with the built-in sensors that can alert the driver when something is wrong with the engine or when the tire pressure is low. I want an IoT system which is that advanced that any other natural or manmade object that can be assigned an IP address and provided with the ability to transfer the data over a network. If any of the reader of this post is aware about any company which is in the industry of IoT and providing this service then kindly comment below and help me in setting up an IoT system in my office and home that can ease out my complication.

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